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Sep 19th

Sonia Mosqueda

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Hello, my name is Sonia Mosqueda a mother of five children.

I have had a very stress, mental and physical abuse for the last 33 years. I suffer from
depression, i have has near death experiences due to the pain the mental state
the depression takes you too.

My first husband physically abused me to the point that i had several miscarriages. He
would hit me with his gym equipment i was 16 when this happen. I became pregnant
from my second husband at age 21. At four months being pregnant i fainted at
work fell straight back landing on the floor with my left leg bend in. I broke
my tailbone and my 4 and 5 disc. For the last 22 years i have suffered
incredible back pain. I have spent so much of my last 22 years on pain
medication at times unable to walk. Feeling crippled having to crawl or hold on
to the walls just to get to the rest room. Doctors answers have been surgery
but with no guaranties except a wheel chair. For the last 15 years i have had
allergies to the entire environment I was unable to go to the parks. Just
having to go out to the grocery store it was a grantee a sinus headache. I have
taken so many Vicodin, Norco, allergy medication I can say I have my own
pharmacy. I developed asthma about 5 years ago doctor tell me it’s due to
allergies I have had three asthma attacks doctor telling me matter of minutes
not making it to the ER I would have been gone.

I have lived with sciatica pain since my back injury. About 10 years ago I was crushed
my elevator door this caused broken ribs, damaged my entire left side of my
body. I was giving more pain medication and went to sever pain management
therapies. I learned how to deal with pain and what medication to use.

I meet Rene a few months ago; I can’t thank God enough for putting him in my path. My first
visit I was unable to walk up the stairs to his house. Taking 4 or 5 step I
stopped and just started to cry. I wanted my life over I could not see myself
in bed for the rest of my life. The only thing that came to my life was being
unable to walk again. I remember Rene telling me that my pain would be bitter
sweet. Two days after I went to visit him at his San Jose office. It took a lot
to just get in to the truck and the drive to San Jose was incredibly painful.
Rene told me to take a few things that would be all natural herbal and that the
pain would be better. I question him and told him I was taking 6 vicodin a day
sometime more. He told me that my body would slowly stop asking for them. My
lower back is better; I feel my brain clear and functions, my hair stop falling
off. I still have trouble sleeping but I have faith that this is the only
natural cure there is. I have stop seeing my doctor on a month to month bases.
I went to see my doctor 2 months ago he was surprised to see me, I went in for
the results of some test he had taken. I asked him for the results of the test
and I told him in exchange I would tell him what I was doing. He was so
surprised he told me that his studies are by what the pain and aches are and
with medication trying to help out his patients. He told me he was amazed and
he asked exactly what was being done to me. He told me to continue and to tell
Rene that he had gifted hands. Truly this has brought back life back. I am 43
years old and I can say that for once in my life I no longer experience back
pain, no more migraines I can go to the parks and enjoy the beauty that God has
giving us. Never new life; like these before. Life without pain has been a
blessing .