About Us

Our History

My name is René Pescador, I’m an Alphabioticist and my goal as one is to help people release stress, which is the main cause of our doctor appointments.
For that I have studied and acquired certification from the only Alphabiotics academy in the US, which is located in Dallas, TX and managed by founder of Alphabiotics Dr. Virgil Chrane and his son, Dr. Michael Chrane.

The Alphabiotic Evaluation

Alphabiotics is the most scientifically validated hands on helping system on the planet. The Alphabioticist observes the obvious signs of negative stress in order to determine the extent of damage. They locate areas of abnormal weakness, and excessive tension. This is done with the person lying on his or her back, on the Alphabiotic couch, where leg length, hip level, side-to-side weakness and/or tension will be evaluated. If a person is determined to be in an inappropriate stress state, that challenge is addressed in a precise and measurable way. A unique stress release procedure is performed that mitigates, and helps to overcome the damage caused by stress.

If we remain in an emergency stress posture for an extended period of time negative consequences are inevitable. An individual’s longevity, and quality of life depends on how well they cope with the effects of stress in their life. Alphabiotics slows the negative effects of stress on the body. The results are immediately noticeable and a normal, and balanced state is restored making life better overall.

The Alphabiotic Aligment

What is involved in the Alphabiotic Alignment? The Alignment process is a very gentle and quick process. It involves a unique movement of the head that has been performed over a million times without any negative consequences. It is a high level non threatening sensory input into the brain, a way to communicate to the brain in a way it understands. This stress pattern interrupt allows the brain to do a system check and realize that there is no real threat, therefore no need to maintain a protective mode. Once this occurs the two hemispheres of the brain come into balance and the body follows. When this happens the body receives a massive supply of previously misdirected energy, and balance is restored. We know of no other hands on helping system that can duplicate this result.

How long does it last?

Holding alignment for 7 to 30 days or longer, with periodic maintenance, is the goal.
The initial alignment helps to determine if the process will work for you. For Alphabiotics to be successful an individual should be able to hold the initial alignment for 72 hrs. This time line is helpful in determining how often someone should be seen in the future. We can usually tell exactly how long you will hold by observing certain criteria on the second visit.

Alphabiotics relieves the negative effects of stress on the body. Unrelieved stress is the root cause of all of life’s challenges! Alphabiotics employs a safe, effective hands on process that enables a person to shift out of an unrelieved stress state resulting in:

  • Stress recovery
  • Improved physical and mental balance
  • Self healing
  • Life enhancement
  • Postural improvement
  • Better mental clarity
  • You function better in every way

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This website does not represent any form of medical advice. It simply provides information about Alphabiotics to promote a a way of liberating stress, as well as to inform people about the power of self healing that resides in every individual.