Alphabiotics History

The concept of Alphabiotics started back in the 20′s by Dr. V.B. Chrane in a town of Abilene, TX (about 173 miles west from Dallas), where he treated hundreds of people victims of stress that came from all over the US with the objective of being seen by Chrane, no matter what symptoms or illness they presented, the results of their visit were and continue to be amazing. Afterwards his son, Dr. Virgil Chrane continued with his work and coined the term “Alphabiotics” which describes the philosophy and technique that we all know today.

Now in its third generation, Dr. Michael Chrane continues to help hundreds of people every week with this unique methodology for liberating stress.

To this date, thousands of people have received the benefits of Alphabiotics without any side effects.

Alphabioticists are spread all over the world, specially in the US, Canada, Mexico and part of Europe. The only authorized academy in the US to teach Alphabiotics is located in Dallas, TX, and it’s current president is Dr. Michael Chrane.