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Frequently Asked Questions about Alphabiotics

1. Is Alphabiotics right for me?

For the sole fact that we are living in times where stress levels are rising, and based on the World Health Organization “Stress is the number one cause of health problems”, for this reason i’m eligible to receive the benefits of the Alphabiotic alignment.

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2. What training / studies does an Alphabioticist receive?

In the Academy where Alphabioticists are certified, we are taught the philosophy of Alphabiotics, which among other things, recognizes that the power of healing is on each individual, the internal power that supports the body is the only one that is able to heal and the Alphabioticist facilitates that.
In other words, we do not treat any symptom or illness, we simply help reestablish the communication of our body with its natural healing power. For this is necessary to study this science and have knowledge of phisiology and anatomy.
In addition to this, we need lot of practice supervised by the academy doctors as well as a recertification process every year in order to continue our practice. For the recertification it is necessary to go to the academy for a period of 4 days, where we also share our experiences with other colleagues that comes from other parts of the US and the world. This takes place in Dallas, TX on September or October of every year.

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3. How often do i need an Alphabiotic Alignment?

Like every other process, it is required to continue with more sessions depending on the person’s progress. After the first alignment you can experience between 48 to 72 hrs of benefits, no matter how long a person has been under stress. In the next sessions, the benefit effects are going to be felt for longer time.

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4. Can Alphabiotics help me prevent health problems?

Normally yes. If a person is aligned periodically is going to feel with more energy, their hemispheres will be working in a balanced and synchronized way, giving place to function with less tension and more force, to lower stress levels and experience a sensation of balance and internal peace and to take advantage of our own body capacity to heal itself.

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5. How does stress affect my health?

Whenever we are subject to constant stress, we are slowly decreasing our own body self healing capabilities and the following occurs:
Decreases response on the immunologic system, occurs a lateralization of hemispheres (dominant and subdominant) and this leaves place to illness, lack of energy, bad mood, lack of concentration etc.
Also a structural imbalance is present (feet shorter than the other), tension, lowers self healing power and the person dies before their time.

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